Big Titty Blonde Holly Heart Gets a Hot Facial from Gloryhole

From Lethal Pass

Starring Holly Heart

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Added July 27 2014

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Banging blond, Holly Heart is about to audition for some improv show but before seeing the bright lights, she runs to the restroom to freshen up. As she's sitting on the toilet, Talon, her production manager pushes his big, honking cock through a makeshift gloryhole and dangles it in Holly's face. Not the one to be cock-shy, Holly clamps her wet lips around Talon's fat sausage and works his cock hard and sensual against her cheeks, while jerking it for maximum pleasure. Her big heaving tits sway gently and her nipples get hard as she gets more and more into deep-throating that mystery dong. Watch her get her sticky facial!

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